Thursday, May 12, 2016

Preston: Jane's Retreat 051316

Preamble: I personally don't care for either the term 'man cave' or 'she shed' but when I first learned of Jane Preston's personal retreat (now that's my kind of word) the 'fad' term came to mind.

It’s been said that sheds are the answer to men’s ailments. But why should men have all the sheds? Every woman deserves a shed of her own — somewhere to retreat for some solitude, to create or grow, to write or paint, or just to enjoy the view.

Jane’s Cabin - a woman ahead of her time.
Hacienda: This is a one-room frame cabin approximately 25 feet by 25 feet, built circa 1954 in plywood in a clearing northeast of the main lab building. The name was derived from the Preston’s interest in and ownership of land in Arizona. 

The view through the trees from 
the main lab and upstairs apartment.
Two openings are on the west side. 
Each opening has a plywood panel that can be raised 
and secured to the rafters with an eye hook.

 The entrance is a 1950s aluminum storm door 
with side windows.
(the door was not in place at this time)

Also referred to as Jane’s Cabin, it served as a retreat for Jane Preston where she could garden and engage in holistic health practices and pursue other natural interests.
  It is a gable roof building built on a concrete slab.

 The north and south ends have openings where aluminum glass panes and/or screens can be installed.  Windows or screens can be installed in whatever openings allow for the best ventilation 
or the opening can be closed against rain. 

It became a place for both Prestons to be away from the telephone and a retreat from the non-air conditioned laboratory building 
seen in the background. 

The rest of the story on our second outing.

I should know when the RG is acting nonchalant 
that he has a secret.
 In this case he had come upon something 
he knew I would want a picture of
but was waiting for me to discover it.

 Hidden over the hillside from Jane's Cabin was . . .

Jane's Spring House

As I said earlier in the week, Preston Park has turned out to be
a hidden treasure relatively in my own backyard
Who knew??

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