Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kuosa 053116

Kousa Dogwood - a pretty specimen tree.
 The Latin root, spec- means "to look at." Consequently, a specimen plant is one you would single out in your landscape as being particularly worth looking at and thereby deserving of "center stage" in your yard.

This one in our yard doesn't stand alone but does stand out against the arborvitae.

Kousa Blossom



  1. Hello, I love the dogwood trees, there blooms are beautiful. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  2. Pretty tree- I have failed more times than I want to admit to grow one in my yard. Once I had a fair amount of luck with a wild one I transplanted...but it died in it's second year. SIGH.

  3. a beautiful tree!!!! a little different than the pink dogwood we have in our front yard!!!

  4. our Kousa are starting to bloom.

  5. Very nice! The color, the tree. Love it.

  6. now that is one I have not seen before. So nice and pretty flower :)

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