Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Time I Stuck My Foot

Most of my photos are taken outdoors; concentrating on nature.
For my first 'Stuck Foot' post I decided to share where it all comes together
So planted my foot in the center of 'my room' (as opposed to the RG's landing zone, the family room)
Direction #1 
From this direction you see a set of shelves that hold:
Family pieces
County histories - 1883 and 1927 for my family research
More history books including my parents high school yearbooks
My mother's sewing chair with a hidden drawer.
Direction 2 
This is the spot I stand at for what I call
Senior Exercise aka Wii Bowling ; )

Direction 3
The T.V. tuned to my favorite Major League Baseball channel
(had to wait awhile waiting for this screen :)

Direction #4
(had to really twist for this one)
The 'pulse' of my blogging (and where I telecommute from my job sometimes)
Note that the Stuck Foot blog is up on the screen
Do you see my 'Downton Abbey' bell on the wall?
That was fun
I'm linking with Loose and Leafy for July


  1. Looking at these pictures,I can smell the comfort and security of home.

  2. nice to see where you are "reporting from"!! it's a warm and cozy spot!! have a wonderful weekend!!!! xo

  3. You and I have two things in common!! Other than thinking mornings are best. Those two are: MLB [of course in Texas I have to root for the Astros!!!] AND.........genealogy!! I worked on our family's history from the 1600s in Ireland and Germany and other locales in Europe...worked on the research for 25 years, and finally published a 300+ page book on everything found/learned/records.

    A lot of work, but my goodness, so worth all those years of research.

  4. Nice to see around your working space Gayle, the 'Stuck Foot' meme looks like a lot of fun.


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