Saturday, July 11, 2015

Worthy Watchdogs

These 'Ghosts' free range on a homestead in our area.
 Guinea fowl are valued as one of the best exterminators of pest insects, making them a compliment to a backyard garden.
 Pest Control
Growing up they would come from the neighboring farm
and station themselves under our spruce trees
and start 'talking'.
My little brother was afraid of them and called them  'ghosts'.


  1. My sister is deathly afraid of chickens on the loose! LOL [and of course me being me, I would always try to get her near one if I could. lol]

    Love these images. they're very attractive.

  2. Very interesting fowl!
    Great photos!

  3. They tend to be pretty noisy, wonder your brother was afraid of them. :-) Great photos of your exterminators!

  4. I love their spotted feathers.

  5. nice of them working for you. Gettng rid of insects. :)


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