Tuesday, July 14, 2015

They're Back

The first family of wrens had departed a week or so ago. This past week I noticed two sparrows going in the house and each exiting with an egg which they proceeded to drop on the ground and begin to peck. Upon investigation they appeared to be wren eggs. 

Nature does what nature does in the pecking order (pun intended) but the sparrows have several other choices out and about the yard and this house is designated for wrens.

So the RG replaced the front of the house with a smaller wren sized hole

and within 24 hours
a new couple had returned for a second nesting.



  1. I love the cute wrens, great shots!

  2. hope they have a good nesting.

  3. Sad about the first eggs! But, I do hope the wrens are able to have little ones this time. Good photos!

  4. I love wrens! Hope they have success this time around!


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