Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Care-Free Summer Bloomer

A Care-Free Summer Bloomer - Perennial

 Balloon Flowers
The balloon flower, Platycodon grandiflorus, name comes from the resemblance of its buds to a hot air balloon. Before its buds unfold and reveal their starry petals, they inflate into little balloon-like balls


  1. I just love these beautiful blue flowers. Gorgeous.

  2. I also have some in my garden but they still are "sleeping".
    Nice pictures!

  3. Beautiful! They look so purple, my favorite color!

  4. Love the colour of these flowers


  5. I stopped at the nursery today to get some blue flowers like yours and they didn't have them...I picked out some more to have in pots...hope they are hardy...our winds blow here so hard sometimes, it blows the poor little petals right off the flower.
    Funny....I have crescent rolls and a can of pineapple on MY shopping list, too. LOL
    If you make them tomorrow, be sure to post and tell us...:)

  6. Delightful photos of your balloon flowers Gayle. I have seen them but not for a very long time, and seeing your pretty blue ones was a real treat.

  7. I happen to love balloons and purple, I think I need to plant some of these!! Beautiful images!!


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