Saturday, November 7, 2015

Barn 110815

I often ride through this area of the county
hoping a clue will present itself
for a couple ancestral brickwalls in my family research.
This particular barn is on or adjacent to the homes of a couple families in my ancestral tree and they may have used it in the past.
Joining Tom for:


  1. What a great old building - it must be fun to find pieces of actual history relating to your family. A lot of us don't have such things anymore - they've all been swept away by "progress".

  2. Isn't it something to look at places and think your ancestors worked there and/or lived there?

  3. Oh poor dear! I was out yesterday barn hunting and found several like this one. Thanks Gayle for sharing this and I hope that you will return again.

  4. Hello Gayle, what a great old barn. The photo is wonderful. I used the to search my family history, it was fun!
    Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  5. How cool to know so much about your family history!


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