Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fun Friday Favorites 112715

Always up for a new link-up
This is one I don't think I used.
The winter gathering place for our potted cactus.
This is always a favorite when it appears.
When my kids were small they called it
'the earthquake chick'
and claimed it would warn us of an earthquake
when it jiggled.
(all the more amusing since we are not prone to earthquakes in our area)
Joining Cath for: Fun Friday Favorites



  1. Wonderful 'favourites' Gayle.....and you wrote a post especially.....oh, I am thrilled about is everything I was hoping would encourage people to do!!! Thank you so much for the link up and for linking back to Cath@Home for Fun Friday Favourites :D

  2. I just love that little chick...

  3. New follower here :) Looking forward to popping in now and again..


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