Saturday, November 7, 2015

Multiple Blogs - Yay or Nay? 110715

Last Fall as I analyzed where I stood on the whole issue of retiring, I knew as a workaholic, developing new interests or reviving old ones would be a must if my plan was to succeed. And I knew myself well enough to know that retiring cold turkey would never work. So I made the decision to do it in phases. Or as I tell my boss, the plan is to fade away one step at a time.

At that time I posted this titled CLARITY

musing . . . 'gazing thoughtfully'

from my office window

I then stopped blogging and began the process of training and passing major duties on to others. The previous year I had recruited someone who I felt would be a capable replacement when the time came. That has proven to be true. With that relief, the process began and by the spring of 2015 I was ready for those 'other interests'. Family Research and Blogging were two areas I had always enjoyed and so it began.

My first two link ups last spring were with Sally at Blue Monday 


and Susan at Outdoor Wednesday.

I then discovered Good Fences with Theresa; Mosaic Monday with Judith and Saturday Critters with Eileen. As the saying goes, the rest is history. 
As I started linking with these fun blogs and more; I became more and more interested in the photography side of the process and began wanting to improve my shots. Eileen's bird and critter photos are always so good and she was kind enough to share the specs on her camera with me.
Spring moved on to Summer and Summer on to Fall and I found some super photo challenges and tutorials through wordpress blogs and since I had as account there previously; I decided to start another blog with the emphasis on my ventures into the science and art of photography. It is Venturesinphotos.  
Along with all the blogging, I also became a part of a group Facebook page with some recently discovered distant cousins. With two and sometimes three blogs going; two Facebook pages; my Home, Hearth and Employment, my head was spinning. Many of you have probably been there in some way or another and last week I needed to re-group.
In reviewing the two blogging processes I found that I prefer the editing process here at Blogger. I find it user friendly and it meets my creative need without overwhelming me.
So . . . I brought the concept I was seeking at Venturesinphotos and created  Ventures In Photography here on Blogger. There is a link in the right column of 'atMuldoon' and I invite everyone to check it out. If you are interested in the direction it is going, you may want to follow it as well.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hope to continue to see you here ('atMuldoon') and there.


  1. well, you got the workaholic part right LOL. You are one busy lady. But it is good to keep our interests going when we retire - I retired cold turkey - after being downsized and then downsized again right out of my job I was appalled at first - even hurt my feelings a bit - then I began to get busy with my own interests that had been on hold - now I can't imagine life without retirement - it is so fulfilling and wonderful - I get time to spend with family and friends - lots of photography trips - plenty of sewing and of course blogging blogging blogging. I'm off to explore.

  2. I will be least when I am blogging...sometimes I go AWOL for short periods...

  3. Initially I was worried that life for me would be so boring once I retired. But a friend taught me blogging and my life in retirement has been a very busy and interesting one. I have time to share with friends and going places and doing things I enjoyed doing which I didn't have when I was working. Have a beautiful new week!


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