Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Doors 030316

As a family researcher I spend a lot of time touring cemeteries where I often find beautiful mausoleums of yesteryear. Here are a few including doors.

Copper? and nice patterns.

 This one even has a side door.

Some of these could qualify for the 'tiny' houses
 that are so popular right now.

For a wide variety of Doors join Norm here.


  1. those are pretty neat and varied.

  2. Oh, my goodness, I love that last one.

  3. Few could afford this today! That patina on the copper door is neat. It will be gorgeous when fully tarnished. I love that shade of green and patina. ")

    I've been birding at cemeteries lately. Weird, but it's been great birding! :)

  4. They look so nice during the day. At night, they can look a bit ominous! :-)


  5. Fabulous photos. I agree with Janet, better viewed during the day. ;)


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