Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Treasured Buck Saw 030816

Just the act of taking the photos of this buck saw brought back memories of following my maternal grandfather here and there; watching his many activities.
He worked a 3 to 11 shift which meant he was home during the day working in his gardens or carpenter shop.

I included the following close-ups to show the varied coloring of the wood and the principle of how it worked.

A bucksaw is a crosscut saw: it is designed to cut across the grain. The width of the blade is constant from the teeth to the back. It is meant to cut wood fibers that are in tension, and is thick so that it is more difficult to bend on the push stroke. Coopers often use bucksaws in their work.

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  1. How interesting, I never saw such a bucksaw before and it seems to be in good or best condition.

  2. I wonder how much firewood this old saw has cut...a lot I'd guess. It's great that this treasure brings back fond memories of time that you sent with your grandfather. I can't wait to see what you will have next Gayle.

  3. We had one of these at home...making me wonder if it is still there.

  4. Beautiful well taken care of saw! Thank you for the great close ups and lesson on function.


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