Monday, March 14, 2016

Seasons - Almost Spring 031416

Though the calendar gives us another week 
before Spring is official,
it appears she may have already arrived atMuldoon.
I snapped these while strolling 
around the yard on this rainy morning.
PGM Bush, Rhodedendron, Columbine, Hyacinth, 
Holly and Lupine

Stroll on over for more signs of spring at:
lovely mosaics at:


  1. Hello Gayle, your plants are pretty. Love the mosaic! Happy Spring! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Thank you. I needed this! Maybe by the time I get home the flower there will have started blooming.

  3. I love early spring and miss it a lot , both literally and figuratively, here in Florida. Thanks for sharing your beautiful greens ... It looks wonderful at Muldoon!

  4. Thank you so much for your collage of greens that you sent for Seasons! I appreciate you being a part and hope to see you back next week!

  5. The succulents are so pretty in early Spring. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  6. Wonderful Spring time photos ~ lovely collage effect too!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. Hi Gayle, thank you for taking us around your garden. Your plants and blooms are beautiful. Yes, looks like spring has sprung!! Have a great week. xo

  8. I love that fresh 'new' green that's everywhere at this time of year. I haven't seen any Columbine here yet, but I know I have one or two. They are among my favourites, especially the periwinkle blue ones.

  9. Thank you for this lovely mosaic, Gayle!
    We too have many of those plants (I love Rhododendrons, Columbines, and Lupins), but they are still sleeping under one-two feet of snow. :)
    Have a great week!

  10. Isn't spring just wonderful? Your mosaic is just so beautiful...I just love it when everything is so fresh and new :)

  11. great mosaic of the budding plants. My columbines are sprouting everywhere.

  12. Yes, the official date is not far off. I had forgotten about my lupines, seeds mailed from an east coast blogger and they actually germinated last year.

  13. Wonderful to have spring visit. I have spring visiting too, but winter will assert itself this weekend into next week.

    and LivingFromHappiness

  14. Spring rain is wonderful. Such lovely photos of the plants and the raindrops.


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