Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Winter Tree Beauty 030816

Spied these white birch on our Sunday drive 
to Pymatuning State Park.
Really like the contrast of the birch against the evergreens.

This one is below the dam and somewhat submerged due to the lake being drained down for major work at the breastworks.

More trees and bushes at:


  1. Hello Gayle, the white birch are pretty trees. I like the shot of the tree in the water and the bridge. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. I love Birch trees and they do create wonderful contrasting scenes where ever they are. The river is high ... I assume the tree will survive as long as it's branches are above water :) Great shots, Adrienne ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Brr cold winter shot. Nice though.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Yes one does wonder what to do with older quilts but the idea is to use them. I got mine already used and then I continues to use them and some are tattered and torn now. So use Mom's quilts. As you said she would want you to.

  4. Both great captures! A flood in the second pic? You may not be aware of my new meme Seasons. Anything goes, and one of these beautiful views would be perfect for a thumbnail. The link is open till Wed. 7 pm, Pacific time. Hope you can join in and see you there!

  5. They are pretty! I guess the tree in the water is strong enough not to fall over.

  6. Oh, I think that second shot...the area looks so interesting. Looks like a place I would love.

  7. Birch trees are just so lovely....anytime of year!

  8. I love birch. It is such a beautiful tree. And we have lots of them :)


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