Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Outdoors atMuldoon 031616

A rainy morning stroll atMuldoon

Spring is emerging.
PGM Bush, Rhodedendron, Hyacinth, Holly, Lupine

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  1. It is nice to see spring growth in your garden. I live in Colorado and although we've had a warmer than usual winter, I know spring will not arrive here until May, as we can still get snow this time of the year till then.

  2. Spring is a lovely seasons.

  3. It makes my heart sing just admiring your collage of Lupine and holly and, and, and. Lucky you. Our tulips are just beginning to peek through the ground here. Hopefully no snow will fall to cover them up.
    JM, IL

  4. it's springing for sure!!!!!

  5. Enjoyed my stroll ... or scroll ... through your lovely posts down from the top. Glad Spring is just about there for you. I love reading and seeing the seasonal changes in blogland, since we really don't see much change here in the subtropics at this time.


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