Saturday, August 8, 2015

Short on New Birds This Week

Needle in a Haystack
Feather in a Field
Any Guesses?
The RG has an idea.
For now our story is
the Pirate Parrot stopped by
and we're sticking to it.
(black & gold -  Pittsburgh MLB Team ;)
Joining Anni for I'd Rather-B-Birdin'


  1. Maybe and Oriole - but I haven't really seen their feathers - so I guess it must be the Pirate Parrot. Very pretty.

  2. i'd guess yellow-shafted northern flicker.

    1. Flicker was one of my choices too.

  3. No matter what bird...the feathers are gorgeous. And yes, we too have had nothing but the 'usual' birds lately. I'm ready for FALL.

    Speaking of Fall...the Fall Classic is just around the corner. Now I'm gonna have to check out your Pirates standings to see if they could be in the playoffs. lol

    Thanks for sharing this post with us bird enthusiasts at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

    1. Anni, It fascinates me that it is only one feather; black on one side ; gold on the other. Is this unusual for a bird feather or something normal?

  4. I was wondering if it was a flicker, is so beautiful, whatever it is.


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