Wednesday, August 5, 2015

White Pickets Fences

aren't what they used to be.

But they still add their own charm
This one is kind of nondescript
would have been better from the front of the house.
Charming blue cottage and white fence
Probably built post WWII
 This is now a VERY busy commercial intersection
I wonder how long the house will remain?
And a nice cape cod sporting its fence.
Took these from my cell while in transit so . . .
Jump the fence and join


  1. Hello Gayle, nice collection of fences. My favorite is the second one with the blue house. Have a happy day!

  2. White picket fences have so much charm!

  3. the picket fences do add a lot of charm! thanks, gayle!

  4. I still think the white picket fences look nice around homes. I trust they would not destroy this lovely old house.

  5. Very, Very nice...I do like them all.

  6. Nice selection of White Picket fences. The blue home is pretty but I wouldn't want to live on the corner of a busy intersection like that.

  7. I LIKE 'em!!! There is a certain charm with picket fences. Definitely American-style I guess.

    And your previous post was fun to peruse...I'm late in getting around visiting this week.

  8. I love white pickets...not sure what to think about the plastic ones. I guess I am old-fashioned.

  9. I always love seeing them, though they aren't around much anymore!

  10. Love the white picket fences....we have our share in Texas, too.

  11. I like white fencing. Somehow framing in the property with fences seems to add security. Living by that busy intersection would make me somehow feel better with it.

  12. I've always loved white picket fences. These are charming examples.


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