Friday, August 28, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 082815

There's no place like Home.

1.  Welcome

2.  First time to grow these Elephant Ears.

3.  Ruby Throated Hummingbird in for a landing on the feeder I created from a fast food coleslaw container. (1/2 c. nectar). Refilled it when I noticed it's beak didn't reach.

4.  Pretty green and white in the distant shade.

5.  My Mother's favorite Rose. I think of her with every bloom. The RG transplanted it from her home.

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  1. A lovely home and yard! Love the rose. And wish I could grow elephant ears!

  2. i like your fish chime. :) nice yard.

  3. There's no place like Home. You've got that right!

  4. Your yard is very welcoming and so lovely. What a warm feeling you must have when the rose blooms each year.

  5. A great use for that fast food container. I have a few of those myself!

  6. There is no place like home - back home from a week in Jakarta, Indonesia, and am very pleased to be back!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. 1. That's a cool looking windchime.
    2. Those Elephant Ears are super neat looking. I've never grown them.
    3. Very clever to create your own feeder.
    4. So pretty.
    5. What a wonderful way to remember your mother.

  8. i love your mom's roses and that you've transplanted them at your house, that is so special :) i grew elephant ears in georgia and forgot about them...i'm going to have to see if i can plant some here...what a clever little feeder that is! i love that shady spot! thanks for linking and have a great weekend!!


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