Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Unexpected Jaunt 010916

The RG and Lucy left for a quick ride around the lake at the state park. Ring a ling---'get your camera I'm coming back'. Will be posting about what he saw in later posts next week. Hint: it has feathers and flys.
I was ready when he pulled in (you wouldn't believe my hair); hopped in the truck and off we went.

While here and there from launch to launch I got some very nice reflection shots.

On a balmy January day the conditions were right for misting above the lake with temps in the 50s and a skim of ice on the water.

 The bar of white in the middle is the mist reflecting the mist.

 A reflection of cattails in their winter garb.

And a little island reflected in the open water surrounded by ice.

Joining Weekend Reflections


  1. The reflections are stunning.

  2. Nice shots - those reflections are great!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Amazing shots - how wonderful that he came back for you - can't wait to see what you show next week.

  4. Buenos reflections in the water. They are all beautiful !!


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