Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friday's Hunt and Willy Nilly 011516

1. Begins with 'C'

This little guy has been bringing a smile to our faces
since the RG found him sitting alone on a dock at the lake. 
He is solar powered and is quite animated on a sunny day.
my first attempt to include a video.

2. 'Week's Favorite'

This won't surprise anyone who has been following me this week
It was just so special and this shot reminds me to remain humble.

3.  'Inside'
A favorite inside winter activity.

Joining Teresa for: 

and two more for

4. I'm considering registering for this:

Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen with cameras are being recruited by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for a special project.
The agency, together with the Pennsylvania Biological Survey, is working to create a mammal atlas identifying where in the state all of the 64 mammal species that live here are found.
The commission is asking “citizen scientists” to snap photos of wildlife whenever possible and upload those to Those who register can browse species distribution maps, statistics, photographs and descriptions of each wild mammal species in Pennsylvania.

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5. 5 Fun Facts: Puzzling over Puzzles

  • The first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1767 when John Spilsbury, an English cartographer, chopped up a wooden map of Britain and challenged the public to reassemble it. He called it a “dissected puzzle.”
  • Jigsaw puzzles got their name because they were originally built by painting pictures on large sheets of wood, then using a jigsaw to cut out the pieces.
  • While jigsaw puzzles have always been popular, they were most prevalent during the Great Depression among bored, down-on-their-luck folks looking for cheap ways to pass their time.
  • If you’re up to the challenge, the Double Retrospect is the largest jigsaw puzzle ever made with 32,000 pieces spanning 17 feet. Creator Keith Haring estimates it will take about 400 hours to complete.
  • Recent studies show that solving puzzles and practicing a second language every day can reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, improve cognitive function, and ward off memory loss. 
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  1. In the evenings, Bill has been doing jigsaw puzzles on his IPad while I play word games on mine. The wired generation ;)).

  2. i love the barred shot. and i love picture puzzles. :)

  3. If we were neighbors, we could trade puzzles!

  4. #1 I think that I'm solar powered, I slow down on cloudy days.
    #2 All of us should be more humble.
    #3 My puzzle speed is helping my pre-school granddaughter with puzzles.
    #4 Go for it girl.
    #5 I find puzzles hard, I can't sit still that long.

  5. Interesting info on the puzzles! I'm enjoying the spillover excitement about your owl! And if I were you I would go for it on that mammal project! Sounds awesome!

  6. That is a cute little flower. The shot of the owl is amazing! Beautiful! That mammal project sounds fun. It's been a long time since I did a puzzle. I just don't have the patience, so I am amazed at anyone who can complete them. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.

  7. Hello, I just love your Owl photo. Thanks for sharing the Puzzle info. Working on a puzzle would great for a rainy day, I have to find one. Happy weekend!

  8. That sunflower is cute! Researchers have found that any form of dance is also good for cognitive function. Something about learning steps and having to remember the patterns is why they think it helps.

  9. That's good to know about jigsaw puzzles and learning a second language. My memory has been playing hide and seek with me. Your owl photo is amazing! I think it would be fun to take photos for the project.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  10. oh, I love jigsaw puzzles....I have a terrific app on my iPad and I find it relaxes me before I sleep. That is a cute sunflower....I had a chicken like that that flapped it's wings....very cute. Thanks for linking with Fun Friday Favourites at Cath@Home

  11. Oh I love puzzles too, Im working on a Thomas Kincade one right now. And that owl is super neat

  12. Gayle, Jigsaw puzzles are a great inside activity. It was good to see the photo. Sylvia D.

  13. My 87 year old mom was lamenting last month that she couldn't do a puzzle because her cats would mess it up and I thought I would set one up at my house and let her work it. I forgot about it until I saw your post as I was away for five weeks. I'll take her out to pick out a nice one this week. I'm a 500 piece person, just the right size to finish in a reasonable amount of time. Nice hunting!

  14. I love the owl shot. They are such fascinating birds. The mammal project sounds like fun.

  15. That was fun to include the little video Gayle and the puzzle trivia was interesting.
    The mammal project is a good way to achieve the results by getting the public to participate.

  16. I'm liking your CUTE 'c' word sunflower. One local General Dollar store was selling cute little solar toys but the ones I asked weren't.
    Jenny's Friday Hunt sent me here.

  17. oh my gosh, the owl! i should have picked up a jigsaw puzzle to work on during the snow! you should do #4, sounds fun! thank you for linking and have a great weekend!!


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