Monday, January 25, 2016

Newer Models Inside? 012616

Historic items are sometimes referred to as 'treasures'.
That's what I think of when I see older machinery 
that has 'history' to someone.

Joining Tom for:


  1. Great photos of the old farm equipment!

  2. These are definitely NOT junk. They are treasures of the past which all have interesting stories to tell. It is a shame the owners cannot bring them inside because one of these days someone might want to restore them. They are certainly historical treasures of the farming world.

  3. What a great scene that makes with the old machinery sitting in snow. Just adds to the intrigue.

  4. See that rake back behind the tractor--you can see it better in the second shot. We used to have one at home. I don't know what happened to it.

  5. Love flat tires on this tractor! Thanks Gayle for sharing your rusty treasures this week. Please return again soon.


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