Monday, January 11, 2016

Tuesday's Treasure 165 yrs old

In preparation for posting to Tom's new link-up, I asked myself 'what is the oldest treasure in your possession' and I believe this is it.

An original Bill of Sale - November 2, 1855
between my great grandmother, Mary Eliza Turner, age 10, and Edward A Braddock

The photo is of Mary as an adult.

 I Edward A Braddock do hereby grant bargain and sell
unto Mary Eliza Turner daughter of Thomas Turner
one white mare in consideration of a yoke of oxen the right
and title to which I do hereby covenant to (warrant generally??)
Given under my hand (seal), the 2 November 1855
E. A. Braddock, Esquire

This document came from southwestern Virginia at the time of her death along with other mementoes to western Pennsylvania and was passed from my grandfather, to my aunt, to her daughter
and to me.
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  1. In deed a treasure Gayle! You win the prize for this one. I just saw Antique Roadshow last night and this is the type of things I like to see. Thanks for sharing and I hope that your life will filled with treasures.

  2. a really old treasure, but still readable and a nice photo of your great grandmother

  3. What a wonderful memento to have. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. That certainly is a treasure to treasure

  5. How amazing that you have such an old document from your families history. Something to treasure! xx

  6. That is really fantastic. What a treasure.

  7. Now that is priceless! What a treasure.

  8. What an incredible piece of your family history...of history PERIOD! What a wonderful thing to own! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  9. Wow! That's a great treasure. Love the style of writing and the long hand...

  10. I love the story part, that she obtained a white horse at age 10! Thanks for sharing.


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