Monday, January 18, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures 011916

Thanks to Tom, after many many years I finally took the time to have a close look at this family treasure. 
Up until now its been a bit utilitarian.
I use it store old photos which seems appropriate.

Research tells me this is a Wood and Pressed Tin 
Antique Dome Top Trunk 
Tin Floral Design in Black n Blue, Victorian Lithographs
circa late 1800s - early 1900s
the decorative hardware is imprinted with pat mark - 1880
the center lock is imprinted - Yale Towne Mfg. - Stamford Conn USA

To our family it will always be Aunt Maggie's Trunk
(see more about my spinster great aunt 
who homesteaded from SW Virginia to NE Oregon 
around 1903 below)
P.S. Maggie was Mary, the horse trader's (thanks TexWis)
(from last week's post), daughter.
The bottom is a little scraped but solid 
and the metal rollers work smoothly.

One lock and two latches (no key)
Three compartments
I suspect there was a removable tray at one time.

Victorian stickers on inside

You can read more about 'Aunt Maggie' on my other blog 
(which I have been neglecting)

click here Venturous Woman

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  1. This is a fantastic family heirloom, even if it is the potato bin init's current life :)


  2. Oh wow! I'd love to own a piece of family history/treasure like that! It's beautifully made!

  3. Thanks Gayle for sharing this wonderful trunk with Tuesday's Treasures this week. So many images and memories here, wishing you a life filled with treasures always.

  4. What a wonderful memento. When you feel like disposing of it, there's always a spot for it in my home.

  5. Love the trunk. I have one that's similar but with no backstory to it. My sister bought it at auction and I bought it from her when I was fresh out of college. I store blankets and some old treasures in there. Hmm may have to dig some of them out for future posts.

  6. What a treasure to have and what stories are linked to it.

  7. That antique trunk is itself a great treasure. And there are many treasures inside the trunk.

  8. what a cool old thing! love those old trunks with the stickers inside - like a treasure within a treasure. (horse trader's daughter made me grin.) :)

  9. That is a great trunk. My mom has one that is similar.

  10. A wonderful treasure! Glad you could find information when you researched it...

  11. I love that you have this and that it belonged to someone in your to see that post.

  12. Wow! This is fantastic to have! Lucky you. :-)

  13. We have a couple of old trunks, but we use them to store blankets and linens. :)

  14. This is such a wonderful heirloom to own! What a great old chest! Great story of Aunt Maggie. Loved this so much, and love her portrait! Definitely treasures!

  15. What a treasure! That trunk is incredibly similar to one I purchased at an auction many years ago. I think the only thing different is that on ours, the raised metal has a deep burgandy tint to it. Otherwise, the same in every way! I'm so glad you posted this.

  16. This is an exquisite piece of history. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks you for showing us all the photos. I have a very old one in my living room that an old man hand built for a tool chest. It is so heavy with all of our tool in it, I cannot move it to save my soul. I adore it. Swapped an 1800’s huge English chest on chest for it....and he gave me 300.00. I think I came out on the low end of the deal, but was so happy to have that huge chest gone and so happy to have the trunk and a wee bit of happy money.


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