Friday, January 8, 2016


So . . . is everyone in the process of preparing for the migration to staying connected through Google+ Friends? I'm working at it reluctantly.

If I am interpreting the notice correctly, the BlogSpot format will remain available as is (which I find to be a good thing) with the change involving how we stay connected.

I have had Google+ account for some time but find the format, to be like walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store where one can only hope to find what they're looking for. ;) I will continue to study the ins and outs to see if I am missing something.

Enough whining.

Wishing everyone a blessed day and hope to stay connected.


  1. Hmmm. Interesting. I didn't know the switch was imminent. I did notice that GFC followers numbers had decreased quite a bit, but thought Blogger would still have GFC. Anyway, I do not like Google+ because it has made me lose touch with so many people because their email address is not connected and the only way I can respond to commenters is by going back to their blogs (IF Google+ even lets me get there.). I think I will put a Feedly button on my blog so people can follow me through Feedly. It's much more convenient anyway. I better get busy and do that, before the GFC button disappears! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Okay, I went back to my blog and added the Feedly Reader button to my sidebar. I have found it is the best and easiest way to keep track of blogs. Especially with GFC disappearing, I hope others will jump on the Feedly bandwagon too. :-)

  3. I have read the announcement but not did much digging around to find out just what it means. I do hate change. I have a Google+ account, too but have not done much with it. Mainly cause I have hated it when I clicked on a name and was taken to it. I just need to study it and try to get a grip on it.

  4. What? Explain that all again...I do not like Google + at all!! ...:)JP

  5. I confess. It seems I haven't paid enough attention to the whole follow by email thing. Now that I have I can see where it is (as BJ suggested)a nice alternative to going directly to each blog.
    Who knew? Well I guess many of you do and eventually I'll get it too ;)


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