Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wheely Neely Friday Five

 No, not a typo. Just a play on Willy -vs- Wheely

1.  January 29, 1886 - The first successful petrol-driven motorcar, built by Karl Benz, was patented.

2.  This week our son needed to borrow my vehicle
but didn't want to leave me stranded. (bless his heart)
There was a day I would have been thrilled to get behind the wheel.
But . . .

3.  Back in the Day - my first set of wheels

4.  A little nostalgia. How our kids loved their first 'Wheels'

5.  “Always focus on the front windshield and not the rearview mirror.” Colin Powell



  1. Great post - love the old car!!!! My kids never hat Big Wheels- they were just a bit too old when those became popular.

  2. this was good and i loved wheely neely! my first car was a red maverick! thank you for linking and have a great weekend!!

  3. clever Gayle...keep wheeling around

  4. Love this Wheely Five! Great idea to use a theme like this. It was interesting and fun.


  5. Aww that was a wheely sweet post! Sorry! Couldn't help it! Brought back memories for me too!

  6. I like how you tied this altogether. By the way your first set of wheels was "cool."


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