Sunday, January 17, 2016

Archive 011716

Had to dig into the archives this week.
A nondescript barn representative of many barns located on a hillside in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania.
Note the exposed gas line; not uncommon.
Is it corn crib or chicken coop or other type of animal pen
in the background?
This video is not in my immediate area but is a great look at the world I live in and includes several barns.

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  1. This red beauty looks quite tall from this angle. In back it looks like a corn crib to me. Thanks Gayle for sharing this week at The Barn Collective. Please return with more beautiful rural Pennsylvania sights.

  2. Interesting slope on that barn. That's interesting about the exposed gas line.

  3. A cool looking red barn, it looks big! Great find. Have a happy new week ahead!

  4. This is a beauty. So glad you hung onto the picture. Heaven only knows what that other structure is. I am wondering if the bottom of the red barn is concrete or stone. I could not tell it with my old eyes.

  5. I opened this post this morn, but just now took time to watch the video..I really did enjoy it. And you chose I nice barn to post with it, too.

  6. Beautiful. I love the barns of Pennsylvania. We saw quite a bit of western Pennsylvania when our daughter was attending Geneva College in Beaver Falls. Gorgeous and interesting country.

  7. what a beautiful barn...the rust against the blue sky is really lovely!!!!


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